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Title Characterization of Niobium films and bulk sample by RRR,SIMS and a SQUID magnetometer
Type Poster materials / surface effects
Abstract We have studied: 1) a Niobium bulk sample from DESY with RRR=282, 2) a Nb film on oxidized copper produced at CERN, and 3) several different epitaxial Nb films on sapphire produced at Cornell by DC magnetron sputtering. We compare the values of RRR, the element vs. depth profiles from SIMS and the critical fields from magnetization curves vs applied magnetic field.  We look for clues as to how these different samples would perform in an SRF accelerator cavity. In addition, we have two first surface niobium films deposited on graphite or hafnium-coated graphite. In the future, we will compare these films to the others and comment on the suitability of first surface films for SRF applications.

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Hand L.N. Physics Dept.,Cornell University
Craig J.P. Physics Dept., Cornell University
Thompson J.A. Physics Dept.,Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. USA
Frisken W.R. York Univ.

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