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Title Wet Oxidation of an Epitaxial Niobium Film.
Type Poster materials / surface effects
Abstract Freshly ion-milled surfaces of epitaxial niobium film were exposed to humid environments and then depth profiled for contaminants by Secondary Ion Mass Specroscopy (SIMS). The first series of measurements used an exposure to 30% humid laboratory air, and the second series used heavy water vapour in an argon atmosphere. The usual oxygen profiles are seen in the first 30 nanometers in both series. Hydrogen (deuterium in the second series) is seen to diffuse throughout the film, but not uniformly. A thin subsurface hydrogen (deuterium) layer is seen to form within the oxygen rich layer. In the absence of heat treatment the hydrogen layer appears to be stable for many days.

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Frisken W.R. York U.
Hand L.N. Cornell U.

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