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Title Topologic analysis of samples and cavities: a new tool for morphologic inspection of quench site
Type Poster materials / surface effects
Abstract It has been demonstrated recently that local magnetic field enhancement can originate from roughness (e.g. steps at grain boundaries).We want to investigate the quench observed in superconducting niobium cavities can be related to such morphological defects. Thus, we need to develop two kinds of tools. 1) A replica technique that allows reproducing the internal surface of cavities (non destructive testing). 2) A morphological analysis tool. Indeed, classical roughness measurements are not relevant to determinate local curvature radius.  This paper describes a new topological approach dedicated to better characterization of the surface morphology in regard with field enhancement. This technique has been applied to Niobium samples treated with different kind of surface treatments. We also present the first results of this approach applied to replica taken from cavities near the quench site.

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Berry S. S. CEA-Saclay
Antoine C.Z. CEA-Saclay
Charrier J.P. CEA-Saclay
Desmon M. CEA-Saclay
Margueritte L. CEA-Saclay

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