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Title RRR Measurements on Niobium for Superconducting RF Cavities at Fermilab
Type Poster materials / surface effects
Abstract Fermilab is involved in the prototyping of superconducting RF cavities of the bulk Niobium type for the CKM separated kaon beam experiment and the A0 photo-injector project. As part of the quality control of the Niobium sheets ordered from industry for the cavity manufacturing process, Fermilab is measuring the RRR of small samples cut from the delivered sheets.  The following reports on RRR measurements on samples cut from Niobium sheets for the CKM prototype cavities. The RRR was measured upon receipt and after the 800 C heat treatment that is used to outgas the cavity half-cells before assembly. Then samples were cut from a plate, which was produced by joining two smaller plates by e-beam welding. In this way the effect of welding on the material RRR could be assessed. These measurements allowed not only to qualify the material received but also to predict the RRR of the Niobium material within the completed cavity.

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Bauer P. Fermilab
Boffo C. Fermilab
Foley M. Fermilab
Kuchnir M. Fermilab
Terechkine Y. Fermilab

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