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Title HOBICAT - A Horizontal Test Facility for Superconducting RF Cavities
Type Poster laboratory reports
Abstract Superconducting TESLA cavities are planned for the booster and linac sections of the CW BESSY FEL. A number of challenges and unknowns must be investigated prior to finalizing the design and parameter list. These include the demonstration of long-term, high-gradient CW cavity and RF-coupler operation, the optimization of the input coupling, the measurement and reduction of microphonics, the precise RF regulation of very-narrow-bandwidth cavities, and the investigation of the cryogenic parameters such as optimal bath temperature and achievable pressure stability. To enable systematic tests with rapid turn-around, BESSY is constructing a horizontal cavity test facility called HOBICAT.  This setup will permit the off-line testing of 9-cell TESLA cavity pairs with all the ancillary devices needed for the final linac, including the helium tank, tuner, input coupler, HOM couplers, and monitor probe. Piezo stacks will be integrated in the tuner system to both study and cancel out microphonics to minimize the required RF power. First cavity tests are planned for early 2004.

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Knobloch J. BESSY
Anders W. BESSY
Plueckhahn D. BESSY
Schuster M. BESSY

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