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Title The process of PKU-SCAF project
Type Poster laboratory reports
Abstract At Peking University, there has been significant progress in the development and testing of components and subsystems of Peking Univ. SC Accelerator Facility (PKU-SCAF) for FEL project based on the SRF technology. PKU-SCAF is composed of the SC photo injector and a SC main accelerator. The injector is the first photocathode electron gun to connect Pierce DC gun with 1.3GHz SC cavity, which has been completely installed in our lab, including 1+1/2 cell Nb cavity, cryostat, RF subsystem, photocathode preparation chamber, drive laser, timing stabilizer and beam diagnostic tools. Testing of the DC-SC photo injector is nearing completion. Fresh effort has been initiated to design a main SC accelerator for PKU-SCAF. Two 9-cell cavities of TESLA type and Rossendorf cryostat will be adopted. To support this effort, the collaboration with DESY and ROSSENDORF is underway, where focuses are 9-cell cavity, cryostat and main coupler etc.

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Xiang Rong PKU
Quan Shengwen PKU
Zhao Kui PKU
Zhang Baocheng PKU
Ding Yuantao PKU
Huang Senlin PKU
Lu Xiangyang PKU
Lin Lin PKU
Wang Lifang PKU
Chen Jiaer PKU

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