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Title Optimized shape sliding phase structure for TESLA
Type Poster new projects
Abstract Optimization of the cavity shape gives a possibility to increase the accelerating rate with the same peak surface magnetic field as in the TESLA structures now. Some increase of the peak surface electric field is acceptable because the electric field is not a severe limit in the SC cavities. Usage of a sliding phase in the 7 - 9 cells cavity gives additional possibilities to increase the accelerating rate and even to reduce the number of cells in the cavity keeping the same energy gain per cavity. The shorter cavity has smaller wakefields and allows smaller cell-to-cell coupling, so it can have smaller iris aperture that gives further possibility to increase the accelerating rate. Description of the proposed geometry, some results of the optimization and fabrication are presented. A considerable gain can be obtained by using this approach for the TESLA structure, about 10 - 20 % in accelerating rate with the corresponding increase of the final energy, or reduction in the length.

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Shemelin V. Cornell Univ.
Geng R.L. Cornell Univ.
Liepe M. Cornell Univ.
Padamsee H. Cornell Univ.

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