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Title Conceptual Design of A Multi-turn Energy Recovery Linac for the Advanced Photon Source (APS) Storage Ring
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Abstract The Advanced Photon Source (APS) is a fully developed 3rd-generation x-ray source with some 40 beam-lines for materials, condensed matter, and bio-molecular structure studies. The concept put forth in this paper improves source brilliance of the APS by two orders of magnitude and shortens the x-ray beam pulse length from about 30 picoseconds to the order of 1 femtosecond by combining the existing APS ring with a multi-turn energy-recovery linac. The paper discusses one difficulty, the cryogenic heat load, associated with operation of a multi-GeV CW linac. We propose a possible solution to the heat-load problem by re-circulating the beam as is done in CEBAF, while using the additional energy recovery system to shorten the linac. We discuss implementation of this idea in the APS storage ring or at other 3rd generation light sources in order to best preserve the excellent linac beam emittance.

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