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Title CW Energy Recovery Operation of XFELs
Type Poster new projects
Abstract The commissioning of two big coherent light facilities at SLAC and DESY should begin in 2008 and in 2011 respectively. In this paper we look further into the future, hoping to answer, in a very preliminary way, two questions. First: what will the next generation of the XFEL facilities look like? Believing that superconducting technology offers several advantages like high quality beams with highly populated bunches (higher peak brilliance), the possibility of energy recovery or higher overall efficiency than warm technology, we focus this preliminary short study on the superconducting option. From this assumption the second question arises: what modifications in superconducting technology and in design are needed, as compared to the present DESY XFEL, and what kind of Research and Development program should be proposed to arrive in next few years at a technically feasible solution with even higher brilliance and increased overall conversion of AC power to photon beam power. In this paper we will very often refer to and profit from the DESY XFEL design, acknowledging its many technically innovative

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Sekutowicz J JLAB/DESY
Bogacz A JLAB
Ferrario M INFN
Ben-Zvi I BNL
Colestock P LANL
Douglas D JLAB
Kneisel P JLAB
Moeller W-D DESY
Proch D DESY
Rose J BNL
Rosenzweig J UCLA
Serafini L INFN
Simrock S DESY
Srinivasan-Rao T BNL

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