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Title Design of 1.2-GeV SCL as new Injector for BNL AGS*
Type Poster new projects
Abstract It has been proposed to upgrade the Alternating Gradient Synchrotron (AGS) accelerator complex at the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) to provide an average proton beam power of 1 MW at the energy of 28 GeV. The facility is to be primarily used as a proton driver for the production of intense neutrino beams. This communication reports on the conceptual study of a proton Super-Conducting Linac (SCL) as the new injector to the AGS. The Linac beam energy is 1.2 GeV. The beam intensity is adjusted to provide the required average beam power of 1 MW at 28 GeV. The repetition rate of the SCL-AGS facility is 2.5 beam pulses per second, with a duty cycle of 0.2%. The SCL is injected from the present 200-MeV room-temperature Linac, and is made of three sections: Low-Energy from 200 to 400 MeV operating at 805 MHz, Medium-Energy from 400 to 800 MeV at 1.61 GHz, and High-Energy to the final 1.2 GeV also operating at 1.61 GHz. The preliminary design of the SCL has already received positive consent, as it was found indeed feasible. We are now approaching a second phase where we are more explicitly investigating engineering considerations in the design, namely: cryogenic, cryostat design, RF cavity design, RF power couplers and power sources, civil engineering, and insertions for transverse focusing and other beam utilities. The approach used to address some of these technical issues and preliminary results will be discussed in the present paper. * Work performed under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Energy

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Ruggiero A. G. BNL
Alessi J. BNL
Harrison M. BNL
Iarocci M. BNL
Nehring T. BNL
Raparia D. BNL
Roser T. BNL
Tuozzolo J. BNL
Weng W. BNL

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