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Title Design and Construction of the Prototype Cryomodule for the  CEBAF 12 GeV Upgrade - Renascence
Type Poster new projects
Abstract In the past two years, the design of the cryomodules for the anticipated CEBAF 12 GeV upgrade has evolved considerably. While maintaining compatibility with existing infrastructure, several modifications have been made which are expected to improve both gradient and 2 K heat load performance and to simplify assembly. Two versions of improved cavity design have been prototyped, a new tuner design has been developed, new flange sealing hardware has been developed, and refinements to the cryogenic design promise to extend the usable net cw voltage from the eight-cavity cryomodule to about 110 MV with 250 W load to 2 K. The final prototype cryomodule, Renascence, is under construction and scheduled for completion in summer of 2004. System improvements, problems encountered along the way, and present solutions will be presented.

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Reece C. E. JLab
Ciovati G  
Campisi I. E.  
Daly E. F.  
Henry J.  
Hicks W. R.  
Hogan J.  
Kneisel P.  
Machie D.  
Preble J.  
Rothgeb T.  
Sekutowicz J.  
Smith K.  
Whitlatch T.  
Wilson K. M.  
Wiseman M.  
Wu G.  

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