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Title Installation, Commissioning and Test Results of Superconducting RF modules for Light Sources and Electron Storage Rings
Type Poster operating experience
Abstract The production of superconducting 500 MHz modules for Taiwan Light Source, Canadian Light Source and Cornell University is almost finished. We report on installation and commissioning work and discuss test results of completed modules, valve boxes and SRF electronics. The module test results will be compared to the test results of the subcomponents like windows and cavities. Operational experience with modules installed in the accelerator is also given. One module test resulted in a failure of the RF window. A detailed analysis of that test is included. ACCEL was recently contracted from Diamond Light Source on the production of two additional SRF modules. We shortly report on the intended design improvements.

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Pekeler M ACCEL
Peiniger M ACCEL
vom Stein P ACCEL
Belomestnykh S Cornell
Padamsee H Cornell
Quigley P Cornell
Sears J Cornell

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