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Title Design of a Superconducting Half Wave Resonator Module for Proton/Deuteron Acceleration
Type Poster new projects
Abstract Within the contract of the supply of a turn key proton/deuteron Linac for SOREQ, a superconducting half wave resonator RF module was designed for the acceleration of protons/deuterons from about 2 MeV to about 7 MeV. The module consists out of 6 superconducting half wave resonators designed for optimum acceleration of beta = 0.09 protons/deuterons, 3 superconducting solenoids for focusing, cavity tuners and couplers, thermal shield, magnetic shielding, vacuum vessel, helium vessels, helium supply/return and all instrumentation. Main design considerations of the cavities, solenoids, tuners and couplers as well as for the module especially in view of assembly and alignment will be explained. A major design challenge was the need from beam dynamics to minimize the longitudinal distance between the cavities. Prototype tests of cavity, helium vessel, tuner and coupler all at cryogenic temperatures are foreseen before the main production is launched. A cavity preparation and cold RF test facility for cavities and completed modules is under construction at ACCEL to allow first cold RF tests at the beginning of next year.

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Pekeler M ACCEL
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Henneborn R  
Piel C  
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vom Stein P  
Vogel H  

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