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Title Development of Superconducting Proton Linac for ADS
Type Poster new projects
Abstract ADS (accelerator driven nuclear transmutation system) require a high intensity proton accelerator of which energy and beam power are about 1 GeV and 20-30 MW, respectively. JAERI, KEK, MHI and MELCO have conducted a program for the development of superconducting proton linac for the ADS since 2002. This program, which is based on the achievement of the J-PARC design work, consists of two parts, development of a 972MHz cryomodule and system design of a superconducting proton linac in the energy range between 0.1 and 1 GeV.  In the development work of the 972MHz cryomodule, a prototype cryomodule will be developed and the horizontal test will be performed. The cryomodule includes two 972MHz 9-cell cavities of beta=0.725. The goal of this work is stable operation in the horizontal tests at the surface peak field at 30 MV/m, which corresponds to the accelerating gradient of 10 MV/m. The cavity development, which includes the vertical tests, is mainly being performed at KEK. The horizontal tests will be performed at JAERI where a 972MHz Klystron is in operation, which is also utilized for the high power tests of the power couplers. The details of the cavity development, the cryomodule design and the power coupler development are presented by K. Saito, S. Noguchi and E. Kako, respectively. In the system design work, the beam dynamics design and the configuration design in a tunnel will be performed.

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Ouchi Nobuo JAERI
Akaoka Nobuo JAERI
Asano Hiroyuki JAERI
Chishiro Etsuji JAERI
Namekawa Yuya JAERI
Suzuki Hiroyuki JAERI
Ueno Tomoaki JAERI
Noguchi Shuichi KEK
Kako Eiji KEK
Ohuchi Norihito KEK
Saito Kenji KEK
Shishido Toshio KEK
Tsuchiya Kiyosumi KEK
Okubo Koichi MHI
Matsuoka Masanori MHI
Sennyu Katsuya MHI
Murai Takashi MELCO
Ohtani Toshihiro MELCO
Tsukishima Chihiro MELCO

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