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Title Conceptual Layout of the Cavity String of the Cornell ERL Main Linac Cryomodule
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Abstract Cornell University, in collaboration with Jefferson Laboratory, has proposed the construction of a prototype energy-recovery linac (ERL) to study the energy recovery concept with high current, low emittance beams [Study for a proposed Phase I ERL Synchrotron Light Source at Cornell University, ed. by S. Gruner and M. Tigner, CHESS Tech. Memo 01-003, JLAB-ACT-01-04 (July 2001)]. In the main linac of this machine two beams, with a beam current of up to 100 mA each, will excite significant higher-order-mode (HOM) power in the superconducting RF cavities. Cost efficiency requires the use of multicell cavities, which is challenging along with the storage-ring like beam current. In this paper we present a promising layout of the cavity string in the main linac module and discuss the HOM damping concept.

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Liepe M. Cornell University

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