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Title Experimental results on SCRF cavity prototypes for gravitational wave detection
Type Poster new projects
Abstract The results of the measurements on the prototypes for a novel gravitational wave detector based on coupled superconducting cavities are presented. The detector, based on the parametric converter scheme, is a tunable device suitable for gravitational wave detection in the frequency range above few kHz.  The tests on a double pill-box, operating at 3 GHz, allowed to check the operation of the detector, the sensitivity of the system, and to develop the electronics. Mechanical measurements allowed also to gather informations about the frequency and quality factor of the mechanical modes of the cavity. The characteristics of these modes are relevant to reduce the thermo-mechanical noise (Brownian noise) which sets the ultimate limit of the detection sensitivity. Starting from the results on the pill-box prototype, a cavity, based on two coupled spheres, suitable for gravitational wave detection was built and tested. The results of the first measurements are reported and discussed.

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Gemme G. INFN Genova
Aberle O. CERN
Ballantini R. INFN Genova
Bernard Ph. CERN
Calatroni S. CERN
Chiaveri E. CERN
Chincarini A. INFN Genova
Losito R. CERN
Parodi R. INFN Genova
Picasso E. SNS Pisa

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