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Abstract We present the current status of our Rare Isotope Accelerator (RIA) cryomodule development effort.  The RIA driver and post accelerator linac drift tube sections require about forty reliable, low heat leak cryomodules, each containing from seven to nine drift-tube-loaded cavities.  A proposed triple spoke option for RIA would increase this count to about seventy.  We have developed a cryomodule featuring separated cavity and insulating vacuum spaces suitable for all classes of drift-tube-loaded cavities used in RIA.  Issues include ease of assembly, cavity cleanliness, heat leak, and subsystem interface (cryogenics, couplers, tuners, shields).  We employ an innovative warm-to-cold beam line transition to reduce module-to-module dead space while preserving a top loading box design that minimizes the size of the cleanroom assembly.  An AIP-funded upgrade to the existing ATLAS heavy ion linac will allow us to gain valuable operating experience by qualifying the prototype cryomodule in a real machine.

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