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Abstract The cryomodule test facility was originally implemented in the late eighties for testing of a small fraction of the cryomodules during the production run for the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility.  The original system was built using a dedicated wiring scheme and a pair of 2 kW, 1497 MHz RF sources.  This dedicated system made it difficult to test cryomodules and other RF structures of non-standard configuration.  Additionally, due to a previously installed cyclotron, there were static magnetic fields in excess of 4 Gauss within the test cave, which limited the capability of the facility when measuring the quality factor of superconducting cavities.  Testing of the Spallation Neutron Source cryomodules as well as future upgrades to the CEBAF accelerator necessitated that the facility be reconfigured to be flexible both with respect to RF source power and cryomodule wiring configuration.  This paper will describe the implementation of a generalized wiring scheme that is easily adapted to different cryomodule configurations.  It will also describe the capabilities of the LabView based low level RF controls and the related data acquisition systems currently being used to test cryomodules and related hardware.  The high power RF source capabilities will be described well as the magnetic shielding put in place in order to reduce the ambient magnetic file to levels below 50 mGauss will also be described.  Supported by US DOE Contract Number DE-AC05-84ER40150

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