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Title Test of the SOLEIL Cryomodule Prototype with beam at ESRF
Type Poster operating experience
Abstract A cryomodule housing two strongly HOM-damped 352 MHz superconducting (SC) Nb/Cu single-cell-cavities has been developed within the framework of the SOLEIL project design phase. In 2002, the prototype was installed in the ESRF storage ring and tested with beam in the accelerating regime, the cavities being cooled down to 4.5 K by means of liquid helium from Dewars. Four series of tests have been carried out at the end of scheduled shutdowns. In order not to disturb the ESRF machine performance during the user mode of operation, the cavities were maintained detuned at room temperature.  In this passive regime, they remained transparent to the beam with less than 100 W of deposited power, evacuated by a warm helium gas flow.  Up to 170 mA of beam could be accelerated with a peak RF voltage of 3 MV and a power of 360 kW from the SC module. This corresponds to the performance required for the first SOLEIL operation phase. The concept of effective HOM damping was validated up to the maximum ESRF intensity of 200 mA. A few week points already identified at previous CERN tests were confirmed: high static cryogenic losses, poor cooling of one HOM coupler and too high fundamental power through the dipolar HOM couplers.

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Jacob J. ESRF
Boilot D. ESRF
Chel S. CEA
Bosland P. CEA
Bredy P. CEA
Chiaveri E. CERN
Losito R. CERN
Filhol J.-M. SOLEIL
Marchand P. SOLEIL
Thomas-Madec C. SOLEIL

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