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Title Achievements of the Superconducting Damped Cavities in KEKB Accelerator
Type Poster operating experience
Abstract After the last workshop in 2001, drastic progress has been achieved in KEKB. The beam intensity of High Energy Ring (HER) reached the design value of 1.1 A, and the operation in reduced number of bunches achieved a peak luminosity to 1.06E+34 cm-2s-1. Eight superconducting (SC) damped cavities installed in HER have provided an accelerating voltage of 10 MV and delivered the RF power of 2.2 MW to the electron beam. The bunch charge of 8 nC which was four times higher than the designed one induced a HOM power of more than 10 kW in each SC cavity module. Ferrite dampers absorbed this HOM power sufficiently and no beam instability has been observed. Update of the operation performance will be given.

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Furuya T KEK
Akai K KEK
Hara K KEK
Hosoyama K KEK
Kabe A KEK
Katano G KEK
Kojima Y KEK
Mitsunobu S KEK
Morita Y KEK
Nakai H KEK
Yamaga M KEK

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