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Title Statistics of Beam Abort due to SC-RF in KEKB-HER
Type Poster operating experience
Abstract Because of strong coupling and reaction between RF cavities and a stored beam, it is difficult to identify the source of beam loss and RF-trip phenomena among a lot of interlock indications of a machine protection system. In KEKB, every beam dump has been monitored together with the RF signals of the superconducting (SC) cavities using a multi channel recorder. Analysis of this signal is useful not only to know the real source of the beam loss but also to polish up a machine protection system against a high intensity beam of 1 A. Typical results will be given as well as the statistics of the SC trips.

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Furuya T KEK
Akai K KEK
Ikeda H KEK
Katano G KEK
Yamaga M KEK

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