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Title High Gradient Q-Slope :  Comparison between BCP and EP Cavities - Modification by Plasma Disharge
Type Poster high gradient
Abstract BCP (buffered chemical polishing) and EP (electropolishing) superconducting niobium cavities show similar behaviours, before and after baking (at low temperature) and particularly towards the Q-slope removal. Furthermore, the surface treatment of a BCP cavity by oxygen plasma show similar results such baking.  These results prove that the surface roughness is not involved in the Q-slope origin and that the oxygen has a leading part to remove the Q-slope.

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Visentin B. CEA Saclay
Charrier J.P. CEA Saclay
Roudier D. CEA Saclay
Aspart A. CEA Saclay
Gasser Y. CEA Saclay
Poupeau J.P. CEA Saclay
Coadou B. CEA Saclay

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