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Title A Pleasant Surprise: Mild Baking Gives Large Improvement for the Q-Slope of a BCP Cavity
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Abstract Previous measurements have shown that mild baking has a significant effect on the high field Q-drop of electropolished cavities. But for BCP (112) cavities, the improvement is not so substantial. Recently we tested a RRR = 500 cavity without high temperature (1350 C) titanium purification, nor 800 C baking. To our surprise a mild baking (110 C, 48 hours) increased the onset field of the Q-slope by 50%. At 1E10 Q the field increased from Eacc = 18 to Eacc 27 MV/m.  At a Q = 2E9 the field improved from Eacc = 24 to 32 MV/m. A light BCP re-established the stronger Q-slope. A second baking at 140 C had little effect on the Q-slope. Results from other cavities  show Q-slope degradation for higher temperature bakes. All tests are accompanied by temperature mapping which show interesting features.

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Eremeev G. Cornell University
Liepe M. Cornell University
Padamsee H. Cornell University
Roy R. Cornell University

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