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Title Low temperature heat treatment effect on high-field EP cavities
Type Poster high gradient
Abstract It is well known that low temperature (100-150)C heat treatment (bake) has positive effects on the performance of high field EP cavities. More than 40 test results are analyzed based on single-cell cavity experiments of the CERN-Saclay-DESY collaboration and nine-cell cavities at DESY. The average gradient Eacc,max  increased from 31.9 MV/m to 35.4 MV/m after baking. No dependency of Eacc,max and the gain of Eacc,max on the baking temperature is observed. The Q-value at maximum gradient Q0(Eacc,max) depends significantly on the bake temperature. The average Q0(Eacc,max)s are 5.3E9, 9.2E9 and 7.7E9 at bake temperate (100-110)C, (120-130)C and (130-140)C, respectively. Comparison of BCP and EP cavities shows that at least 60-80 um EP on a BCP surface is necessary. More than 10-15 um removal of the surface by BCP will reduce the performance of an EP cavity.

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Hao J. DESY/Peking University
Reschke D. DESY
Brinkmann A. DESY
Lilje L. DESY

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