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Title Near-Surface Composition of Electropolished Niobium by Variable Photon Energy XPS
Type Poster SRF basics
Abstract The mechanical and other damage to the interior surfaces of niobium cavities for superconducting radio frequency accelerators can be removed by either buffered chemical polishing or by electropolishing.  The effect of each on SRF performance has been extensively reported, with much attention given to the near-surface composition.  In particular, angle-resolved XPS has been used to elucidate the sequence of oxides.  We report first results of an alternative approach, varying the x-ray photon energy at normal incidence to accordingly obtain information from different depths.  The experiments were performed on Beamline X1B at the National Synchrotron Light Source, Brookhaven Laboratory.

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Valente AM JLab
Tian H College of William and Mary
Kelley M College of William and Mary
McGuiness C Boston University
Glans PA Boston University
Smith K Boston University

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