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Title Microwave nonlinear resonance incorporating the helium liquid-vapour phase transition in superconducting microstrip resonators
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Abstract New nonlinear microwave resonances in superconducting niobium-teflon microstrip resonators cooled by liquid helium are studied. Helium heating caused by the losses of microwave power in superconductor changes the resonant frequency because of the temperature dependence of helium permittivity. Manifestations of this thermal instability discover a new type of nonlinear phenomena including the generation of the monochromatic microwave pulses, generation of acoustic signals. The found nonlinear resonances are explained by thermally induced variations of the helium dielectric permittivity caused by the microwave power dissipated in superconductor, which enable incorporating the jump nonlinearity of a liquid-vapour phase transition in helium.

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Karuzskii A. L. LPI
Lykov A. N. LPI
Perestoronin A. V. LPI
Golovashkin A. I. LPI

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