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Title Status of the LANL Activities in the Field of RF Superconductivity
Type Poster laboratory reports
Abstract The activities at LANL in the past two years since the last workshop are described.  The main theme of our activity was the development of spoke cavities for low-energy sections of high-power proton accelerators.  We designed and procured two 350 MHz, beta=0.175, 2-gap spoke cavities from industry and tested them.  Both cavities have shown excellent performance, i.e., accelerating gradients of 13-13.5 MV/m with low-field unloaded Q of >1E9 as compared to required 7.5 MV/m and 5E8, respectively.  Some results on RF surface resistance measurements of magnesium diboride (MgB2), a relatively new high Tc material with transition temperature of 39 K, will also be shown.

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Tajima T. LANL
Chan K. C. D. LANL
Edwards R. L. LANL
Gentzlinger R. C. LANL
Haynes W. B. LANL
Kelley J. P. LANL
Krawczyk F. L. LANL
Ledford J. E. LANL
Madrid M. A. LANL
Montoya D. I. LANL
Roybal P. L.  
Roybal R. J. LANL
Schmierer E. N. LANL
Schrage D. L. LANL
Shapiro A. H. LANL

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