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Title Superconducting RF activities at FZ-Juelich
Type Poster laboratory reports
Abstract Two types of superconductive cavities are currently under investigation at the research center FZJ in Juelich. The Niob prototype of a four gap spoke cavity is already in fabrication at the central workshop after analysing and tests of copper models.  As a second activity, a new pulsed linac for the cooler synchrotron COSY has been designed based on superconductive half-wave resonators HWRs. These resonators are well suitable to accelerate polarized protons and deuterons ending up with a similar energy of about 50MeV. Two prototypes of a 160MHz HWR were ordered at different manufactures. We will present the mechanical analyses of the HWR as well as a study for an optimized high pressure cleaning system. The results of different mechanical fabrication options will be shown.

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Stassen R. FZJ
Eichhorn R. FZJ
Esser F.M. FZJ
Laatsch B. FZJ
Schug G. FZJ
Toelle R. FZJ
Zaplatin E. FZJ

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