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Title SRF activities at INFN-Genoa.
Type Poster laboratory reports
Abstract The activities of INFN Genoa in the field of the RF Superconductivity are shifting toward the application of Superconducting Cavities to a Gravitational Wave detector operating in the 4-10 KHz frequency range of the Gravitational Wave spectrum. The first prototype of the detector cavity, built at CERN under an INFN-CERN collaboration agreement, is under test in Genoa. The group is planning for the next three years the construction of a Demonstrator Detector based on the already existing INFN-CERN cavity. As a side activity the Genoa Group is developing a small RD project to check the achievable limits (field and Quality Factor) for Pipe Cooled cavities. If proven successful, pipe cooling will greatly reduce the acoustic coupling in the GW detector. Pipe cooling can also be useful in reducing the helium inventory, (and cryo-system complexity) in standard Superconducting Cavity applications.  The Genoa group is still refining and updating the Twtraj Code for the simulation of electronic discharges (resonant or not) in accelerating cavities.

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Parodi Renzo F. INFN-Genoa
Ballantini Renzo INFN-Genoa
Chincarini Andrea INFN-Genoa
Gemme Gianluca INFN-Genoa
Podesta Andrea INFN-Genoa

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