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Title KEK Superconducting Cavities
Type Poster laboratory reports
Abstract These two years, KEK superconducting cavities have large progresses both for high power applications and high gradient applications. The one of milestone for high power application is KEKB superconducting cavities accelerating more than 1A beam current. And the current reached the KEKB HER design current of 1.1 A (T. Furuya et al.) and will be increased higher with high power coupler. (S. Mitsunobu et al.) To increase luminosity of KEKB, crab cavities for KEKB have been developed (H. Nakai et al.) and studied mutipactoring problems at iris part of the cavity. (Y. Morita et al.) Test crab cavities will be installed in LER and HER of KEKB at the near place of the SC accelerating cavities in next few years. Following, field of nein cell cavities reached more than 30 MV/m by electropolishing with collaboration with DESY presented last Workshop, many basic studies related to electropolishing performed. (K. Saito et al., I. Ito et al. and T. Higuchi et al.) The highest field of SC cavities seems to saturate around 40 MV/m. (K. Saito)  J-PARC activities continued for upgrade program for J-PARC proton SC linac. (S. Noguchi et al., E. Kako et al. and K. Saito et al.) Recently KEK is seriously studying to make a design of ERL project using SC linac for future light source.

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