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Title Superconducting RF activities at the IPN Orsay (France)
Type Poster laboratory reports
Abstract IPN Orsay is presently involved in several R and D programs for the future accelerators in Europe. High intensity linear proton  accelerators are proposed for Nuclear Physics (EURISOL) and for Nuclear Waste Transmutation (XADS). Both projects propose to use Superconducting RF cavities for the whole energy range (5 MeV - 1 GeV). Two types of cavities are developed: spoke type for the low/intermediate energy and elliptical multi-cell type for the high energy range. Power couplers, cold tuning systems and ancillary equipments are also under development. A horizontal cryostat (CRYHOLAB), constructed in collaboration with the CEA Saclay, is now entered into a routine operation phase. An associated helium liqufier and RF power sources allow to test cavities with couplers and auxiliary equipments under conditions which are very close to those encounterd in a real accelerator.  More recently IPN Orsay has started a new SRF development for the Spiral-2 Radioactive Beams Facility project. A 176 MHz half wave resonator was designed and is under construction. Other important activities concern the new developments around the TESLA cavities, in particular the low temperature characterization of materials proposed for some components like the power couplers or the piezo tuning system.

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Junquera T. IPN Orsay

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