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Title Activities at DESY with high gradient surperconducting rf cavities for e+/e- linear accelerators
Type Poster laboratory reports
Abstract Activities with high gradient surperconducting rf cavities at DESY focus on applications for e+/e-linear accelerators. Since several years the TESLA-Test-Facility (TTF) at DESY/Hamburg is operated by an international collaboration. It comprises the complete infrastructure for treatment, assembly and test of superconducting cavities as well as a 250 m long superconducting linear accelerator for development and test of machine components. In addition to the fabrication, preparation and test of TESLA nine cell cavities an intensive research program on single cell cavities is performed. Recently a facility for electropolishing of nine cell cavities as well as an electron beam welding machine have been set up and are in operation now. Further developments and improvement on components like couplers, tuners, klystron etc. are ongoing. During phase 1 of the TTF superconducting linac, which has been completed successfully end of 2002, four modules, each containing eight resonators, as well as a module with two superstructures have been tested and operated with beam. Presently the linac is substantially modified to become a VUV-FEL user facility with tunable wavelengths in the nm range within 2004. Beginning of 2003 the XFEL project, a  1.4 km long superconducting linac with X-ray free-electron laser radiation laboratory, has been approved. The preparations to start building this machine have been initiated. In addition the high gradient program of superconducting cavities for a future e+e- linear collider are continued.

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