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Title Application of Low and High Tc superconductors in magnets and power applications
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Abstract The present state of the Low Tc materials Nb3Sn and MgB2 as well as of the High Tc superconductors is discussed in view of magnet and/or power applications. In Nb3Sn wires, the control of grain boundaries and the homogeneity of the Sn content is essential for optimizing flux pinning properties. The fabrication of the more recent superconductor Fe/MgB2 encounters new obstacles, e.g. low thermal stability of the sheath material and difficult deformability. The present state of Powder-in-Tube processed Bi,Pb(2223) tapes is summarized and possible future developments are discussed. High expectations are concentrated on Coated Conductors, based on Y(123), which show a promising development and will briefly discussed. Actual technological applications require different superconducting materials. Low Tc materials, e.g. Nb3Sn, are used for high field magnets (B <= 21 T at T = 2 K) as well as for fusion magnets and have actually the highest market penetration. MgB2 conductors are foreseen for cryocooled systems in the range between 20 and 25 K. High Tc materials are highly promising for a series of future applications: power transmission cables at T = 65 - 77K, fault current limiters at 77K and synchronous motors at about 30 K. A larger future market for High Tc materials can be envisaged, but requires a serious reduction of production costs.

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Fluekiger R. University of Geneva

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