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Title Thin Film SRF Applications Beyond Accelerators
Type Talk  
Abstract High-temperature superconducting thin films offer unique properties which can be utilised for a variety of high-frequency device applications in many areas related to the strongly progressing market of information technology.  One important property is a low level of microwave absorption at temperatures attainable with low power cryocoolers. This unique property has initiated the development of various novel type of microwave devices and commercialised subsystems with special emphasis on application in advanced microwave communication systems. The second important achievement related to efforts in oxide thin and multilayer technology was the reproducible fabrication of low-noise Josephson junctions in high-temperature superconducting thin films. As a consequence of this achievement, several novel non-linear high-frequency devices, most of them exploiting the unique features of the AC-Josephson effect, have been developed and found to exhibit challenging properties to be utilised in basic metrology and Terahertz technology.

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Klein N. Juelich

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