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Title Challenges for Future Light Sources (ERL and FEL) Or:  ERLs and FELs: A Bright Future for Superconducting Cavities
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Abstract Before it even started the 21st century has been named the century of live science. Part of this fast growing field are light sources with their high brilliant light beams for biology, chemistry and material science. The high scientific potential of future ERL and FEL light sources has given superconducting cavity technology an enormous boost in interest. Never before have so many laboratories and universities worked in the field of s.c. cavities, and a variety of machines have been proposed for construction. The envisioned brilliants of the light beams require excellent electron beam properties beyond present state-of-the-art. The RF cavity linacs will be the driving engines, and cost efficiency and emittance preservation will be of great importance. The resulting challenges for the s.c. cavity technology are manifold and a focus of the ongoing research work in this field.

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Liepe M. Cornell University

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